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Queens Counsel

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Peter Lyons was a practising Barrister from December 1975 to February 2009. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in November 1988. He had a wide-ranging practice covering all areas of law, including commercial law, administrative law, personal injury law, succession law, construction law, matrimonial law and criminal law (with some work in constitutional law and revenue law).

In the latter part of his time at the Bar, his practice focused mainly on planning and environmental law and Land Court cases; though he continued to do some commercial and other matters. He also trained as a mediator, and was involved in mediations and arbitrations.

Peter was appointed to the Supreme Court in February 2009, and retired from the Court in November 2016. He sat on a wide range of civil and criminal cases both in the Trial Division, and in the Court of Appeal. For a number of years he was one of the Judges managing the Supervised Case List (longer and more complex matters), and presided in the Land Appeal Court. He continues to sit as a Judicial Member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, hearing cases relating to misconduct by lawyers.

During his career Peter has presided as:


  • President of the Queensland Bar Association 2005 – 2006;

  • Vice-President of the Queensland Bar Association 1992-1993 / 2003-2005; 

  • Member of Committee/Council of Bar Association 1989-1993 / 1999-2006; 

  • Committee (and Chairman); member of the Bar’s Senior Counsel

  • Consultationmember for approximately 5 years

  • Member of the Planning & Environment Chairman of the Bar’s Professional Conduct Committee (2003 – 2005 and a  Group on a number of occasions, most recently in 2008

  • Member of the Legal Aid Commission 1993-1994 (approximately); and,

  • Barrister member of the Practitioners Panel for the Legal Practice Tribunal (professional discipline).

In 2017 Peter undertook an intensive mediation course at Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Institute. He has conducted a number of mediations in a range of areas since retiring from the Bench. He is also prepared to act as an arbitrator and case appraiser.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (magna cum laude) from Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA (1965-1968) with majors in mathematics and philosophy; and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Queensland (with Honours: 1972-1975).

He is also proficient in the German and Italian languages, with some knowledge of French

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